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The content published in this website should not be copied nor distributed outside the bounds of the school, to protect the rights of the content author.

Technical Whereabouts

The website, which address is http://www.cnhs.online is now accessible worldwide, except for some restricted pages, which can only be accessible within the country through the school's local server located at the school's ICT control room.

The server was created, operated and powered by the following technical specifications:

  • http server:
    • CPU: Intel Pentium G620, 2.6 GHz, dual-core processor
    • RAM: 8 GB
    • Storage: 500 GB SSD
    • Fast Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet LAN
    • OS: Windows 7
    • server: Apache 7.2 , XAMMP 3.2.4
    • CMS: Typesetter 5.1
  • The server is up and running since February 29, 2020, and was built and maintained by Rolando M. Dumalag Jr., serving as the ICT coordinator of the school.
  • In August of 2022, the school's enterprise network is now powered by PLDT Enterprise Broadband. A third party is paid monthly that provides us an optical fiber link from PLDT's service drop line, located at Brgy. Liberty, to Brgy. Concepcion.
  • The school is about 5-km distance from PLDT's service dropline to the school's premises. The school has difficulty picking signals from any Telecom utilities.
  • The school's domain name, www.cnhs.online took place on September 7, 2022. Until then a major revision of the site's pages had taken place.

Proposed Features

  • A scheduled free Internet to students (CNHS.STUDENT), where the students will be given limited free Internet access every 12:00 noon until 1:00PM, and can only  be accessed through the school's cafeteria, and other selected locations inside the school premises.
  • Creating the school campus a WIFI zone.
  • LMS access. Provides an easy, self-paced alternative learning activities for both learners and teachers. The LMS (Learning Management System) is also designed to promote paperless learning to help save the trees that are wasted for fabricating paper.
  • In-school Forum, Media Repository, & Blog Site
  • Centralized, web-based automated record keeping of school records, documents and reports.
  • Web streaming - a way to expose our learners with Media and Information.
  • Home-based web hosting services - train our learners in the "nuts and bolts" of web authoring, designing, and hosting.
  • VoIP Server - to provide a free Internet telephony (voice communication) to our learners and stakeholders.
Published on 02/29/2020, 10:38:42.
Last updated on 09/10/2022, 8:29:34.