The ABM strand is designed as an introductory course in accounting, and business and management where students are trained to think logically and scientifically and are acquainted with the rudiments of accounting, business and management concepts and principles in order to prepare them to pursue college degrees that focus on business and industry where their contribution as future accountants, entrepreneurs, and business leaders are vital to the progress and development of the economy and critical to the promotion of a sustainable green business.


  • Carpentry
  • Cookery
  • Computer System Servicing
  • Electronic Product Assembly & Servicing
  • Electrical Installation & Maintenance
  • Horticulture




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You are currently viewing the default home page of our repository of learning resource like; video, audio, image, e-book, and other learning resources. 

  • This website serves as the school's web presence in the Internet.  
  • A search box is provided to allow our visitors search for any content available in our media/information repository.
  • The main menu provides a link to categorized information within the site.
  • An LMS (Learning Management System) is included to provide our learners and teachers ease of access of information and learning with Information Technology utilization.
  • A free web hosting services is also provided, in line with the Senior High School's subjects (Empowerment Technologies and Media and Information Literacy), that enables learners a first-hand experience in web site creation and management.

For teachers and other personnel who wants to contribute in the development of learning resources, articles, and other related content, may secure an account to enable the building, adding, editing, or deleting of contents on this site. Please refer and contact the network administrator.

  1. Secure an access credentials from the network administrator to log in.
  2. Make sure you're logged in.
  3. Then click the "Edit" link that appears when you move your mouse over the content.
  4. Your changes will be saved to a draft automatically. Click "Publish Draft" to make them live.
  5. Adding, renaming, deleting and organizing your pages can all be done in the Page Manager.
  6. Choose from a variety of themes to give your site a custom look.
  7. Then, you can add, remove and rearrange the content of your site without editing the html.
  8. Logout and secure your account.

This site has a number of resources to help you do even more.

  • Find more cached media content such as videos, audios, pdf, shared apps, PowerPoint presentations, and other related content.
  • Tutorial contents, DIY contents and more.
  • This site is ever expanding as contributors are restless for their passion in teaching, learning and development.
  • This site can also work as a Media Cache, so that your use of it as a tool for learning will not be affected by network and power interruptions.

This site is just the beginning, soon a CNHS Social will follow, and more.

  • Learn Resources - the school's compilation (media cache) of learning resources online.
  • CNHS Social - a proposed social site where students, teachers, and other individuals socialize by blogging, posting, sharing, communicating online.
  • CNHS ARK System (Automated Record Keeping) - a centralized storage and automated processing of school records and related documents.
  • CNHS VoIP Service - a local telecommunication system within the school premises.
  • CNHS Media Streaming - a live Intranet/Internet video and audio streaming for the school and its media practitioners.





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